Outsource Data Entry Services

The importance of data entry outsourcing services is highly increasing these days. Keeping the needs of the global market in mind we at IndZilla Web Services provide our expertise for your outsourced data entry projects. We take pride in providing highly accurate and time-effective services to our clients. We have expertise in both basic and complex data entry projects and deliver accurate results.

Outsource Data Entry Company

Our clients have always relied on us for their work because of our low cost and immaculate work. IndZilla Web Services is an ideal option for those who are looking for reliable and efficient data entry services so that they can focus on the core business processes. We have a track record of maintaining 99.9% accuracy and providing best possible results. We ensure complete client satisfaction by delivering the required results in a cost-effective manner and within the stipulated timeframe.

Our Key Services:

We are dedicated to our clients and offer alteration of workflow and staff distribution pattern for accommodating all turnaround scenarios. We can also provide the required results on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis according to the specifications and requirements that suit you. We deliver the results in the expected high quality no matter how small the timeframe is.

There are many benefits of outsourcing data entry work to us:

  • Hot data backup for data recovery at any time
  • High built-in security of data
  • Re-key verification facility for complete accuracy for zero-error
  • Consistent, time-bound, and low cost delivery

Key Features of Outsource Data Entry Services:

We offer our services to all educational institutes, attorneys, manufacturing companies, and businesses that create and generate data all the time. We receive data in all forms and formats like addresses, phone numbers, statistical tables, customer information, etc. We organize the received data into machine readable forms and also use speech recognition technologies for scanning. Our services provide accurate results in an excellent turnaround time with high data security, efficiency and confidentiality.

Why IndZilla Web Services for Outsource Data Entry Services:

We offer customizations in our delivery modes and format in accordance with your requirements. We can provide the required data in hard drives, CDs, and across all web platforms. We also maintain copies of the data on our specialised servers so that it can be referenced for future use and backups. The outsource data entry services that we provide are:

  • Offline data entry
  • Online data entry
  • Image data entry
  • Book data entry
  • Data entry for receipts and bills
  • White and yellow pages data entry
  • Data entry for tax claims
  • Data entry for insurance claims
  • Data entry for legal documents
  • Data entry for medical records

We also provide our clients with 24/7 helpline and customer support services to assist and serve them better in any every possible manner.

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