OCR, Image Scanning, Indexing

IndZilla Web Services OCR, Image Scanning, and Indexing services to our clients to help them get better results in their business activities.

Image Scanning Services India:

Image scanning  service is designed to help you convert pre-existing paper documents into digital images for online use. The scanning of documents increases their security and also enables easy and effective sharing and accessing of the documents.

IndZilla Web Services uses state-of-the-art hardware and machinery like flatbed scanners to handle fragile and delicate documents or unbound books. We offer the image scanning and PDF scanning services in both Black & White and Coloured formats as per your requirements. We also use specialised scanners that have automatic document feeders to maintain better resolution and faster scanning of large volumes of documents. The scanned files are converted into the file format you need. The scanned files are often delivered in PDF or TIFF formats, but we can provide them in any required format.

Types of Documents We Usually Handle:

  • Magazines or books
  • Documents
  • Bills
  • Receipts
  • Images

OCR or Optical Character Recognition Services:

Data entry process can be executed much faster using Optical Character Recognition or OCR. It also maintains higher accuracy and efficiency. We also provide a mix of OCR and manual data entry services as per the requirement of the client.

OCR technology has greatly improved in the past few years. We can use it to properly extract valuable information and format in digitally usable form. We have evolved with time and know how to make full use of this technology. We use the OCR technology to extract information from various sources like old paper forms, resumes, files, address labels, etc.

We Provide OCR Services For:

  • Hand print
  • Internet publishing
  • ASCII, RTF text files
  • Digital documents

Indexing Services:

IndZilla Web Services also provides conversion to required format and indexing services. Formats we frequently work upon are XML. HTML, XHTML, Acrobat, PDF, etc.
Services We Offer:

  • Indexing
  • OCR conversion
  • Image scanning Services
  • CD-ROM publishing
  • CD-ROM cataloguing

We provide our clients with a 24/7 customer support helpline to assist them in the best possible manner.

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