Database Development and Migration

IndZilla Web Services provide various Database development and migration services that are tailor-made to provide solutions in accordance with the client’s requirements and specifications. We have the technical know-how and required expertise to design new databases in all the required applications keeping in mind your changing requirements. Our exclusive and customised database related services will help you manage your data in the manner that suits you.
We provide applications and services that are not pre-packaged with the software and are tailored to perfection according the requirement of individual clients. We also provide customised database applications so that the client gets complete freedom in managing their data in any way they want.
Services We Provide:
IndZilla Web Services has a team of highly trained experts that provides tailor-made, sophisticated, and affordable database applications and services for our clients. We provide various simple services like dynamic query update, data or customer tracking along with complex ones like linking local resources to internet, or merging multiple external information sources. We have expertise in SQL Server, MySQL, and Access that a serve as database backbones for Unix and Windows based systems. We are proud of development experience in PHP, CFML, and ASP, that ensure high accuracy, security, performance level, and customisation of the database applications according to the client’s needs.
We also provide development services for creating databases for our clients that are both affordable and sophisticated. Our services range from merging external sources of information to simple data tracking. Our programmers are highly trained to achieve the required task.
Database Development and Migration: Key Features
Softwares used in database development:

  • ASP
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MS Access
  • MySQL
  • Visual Basic
  • FoxPro

Softwares used for web-based database application development:

  • PHP
  • PERL
  • CGI
  • JavaScript

We also use various architecture designs for multi-tier applications. They are all developed using Oracle, MySQL, or MS Access.
Why IndZilla Web Services?
We provide detailed and accurate database development, conversion, and migration services to our clients. We understand how tedious it is to implement a new software system in an organization and requires moving or transferring data from legacy or old systems into new software applications. The data may come from multiple sources and may need to me integrated according to a new standard unit or system. To help with it we also provide data migration and conversion services and solutions that provide effective results while saving your time. You can engage your manpower in core business activities while we achieve the required task for you at lower cost and higher quality and efficiency.

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