Data Conversion Services

Outsourcing of Document Conversion and Data Entry is one of the most popular services in the current market. Easy accessibility of data is essential for efficient and effective functioning of an organization. In present times technology is constantly growing and evolving and so, IndZilla Web Services offer various low cost and high quality data conversion and Data Entry services specially designed for both high or low volume projects. Our team of expert document data conversion and data entry personnel ensures cost effectiveness, high accuracy, and complete confidentiality.

Document data Conversion Services:

We offer various online and offline data conversion services to match your requirements and specifications. We have expertise in converting the following Types Of Documents:

  • HTML files
  • PDF files
  • XML files
  • OCR files
  • XHTML files
  • Acrobat files
  • E-books

We also have a dedicated 24/7 helpline for customer support to assist our clients at any time.

Key Features – Offline and Online Data Conversion Services:

Outsourcing Document Conversion and Data Entry services is a clever option that saves time and resources while maintaining high quality and accuracy in the results. These services help our clients concentrate their workforce on the core business tasks and boost their efficiency and profits. Our team of highly trained and experienced experts ensure that the results have at least 99.9% accuracy in any required timeframe. We even provide the flexibility of distributing the work flow and staff according to the range of timeframe involved. We can provide the complete task results to you according to your requirement, be it weekly, daily, or monthly basis.

Why IndZilla Web Services

  • We offer certified services with high focus on data security. Our employees sign a confidentiality clause to enforce the data security. Any violation of the clause leads to immediate termination of the employee along with legal action depending on the case.
  • We offer impeccable quality when it comes to work. We follow strict quality standards and execute quality checks before the delivery of every project.
  • Our services are adaptable according to the nature of the documents involved. We provide Data Entry both through OCR tools and manually.
  • We offer multiple output formats like MS Excel, MS Word, SQL, and other digital format that the client requires.
  • A dedicated project manager is designated to supervise the project.

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