Electronic Data Discovery

To compete in the present market it is very important to have updated and accurate information about data required in important business processes. IndZilla Web Services helps our clients in understanding the market and prospects efficiently and effectively. In the times when most od the data available is overused, low in quality, or outdated, our company is proud to provide time tested and premium quality Electronic Data Discovery Services. We have got specialization in accurately identifying and organising the target or required data that is valuable for your business.
We have a team of skilled and experienced web miners and data researchers equipped with customised softwares and latest tools to help you in building a database of target data such as list of decision makers, influencers, and important contacts in the target market. We have provided our Electronic Data Entry Services to several sectors over the years. We have high client retention rate because of the high standards maintained by us in cost efficiency, time efficiency, accuracy, and quality. In Data Discovery Services we append inaccurate or missing fields and create custom lists with high accuracy and speed.
How We Execute the Service:
We examine, research, and match your requirements to the target database and append, update, or create accordingly to provide you the relevant data such as phone numbers, posting addresses, contact details, confirmed email addresses, etc.
Our highly skilled team of researchers and data miners also have expertise in tasks like creation of custom lists from scratch and data discovery.
We make use of the content available on the internet, industry databases, and other sources to acquire data relevant for you.
We use state-of-the-art softwares to verify each record to ensure precision and reliability of the data. Our team of experts also check the data manually to that the results meet the quality standards.
Type of Data We Provide Data Discovery Services For:

  • Contact details
  • Email addresses
  • Job roles
  • Non-performing and performing assets
  • Titles and designations in the organization
  • Potential customers
  • Postal addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Market competitors

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