Data Processing Company India

IndZilla Web Services provides our clients with highly accurate data entry and data processing services.

Data Processing Services

We are proud to have long term clients who rely on us for the data entry and data processing services because of timely deliveries, high-quality standards, and complete confidentiality. Clients outsource their data entry and processing jobs to us so that their core in-house resources and manpower can be concentrated on business activities and core processes. Our data processing services help our clients minimise the efforts and costs while maximising time and resources.

We offer complete flexibility in providing our services tailormade according to your requirements and specifications. We provide deliverables according to your requirements, be it on a daily basis, weekly basis, or monthly basis. You can monitor and analyse the results provided by us as per your requirements. We specialise in capturing data from various input sources, digitize it, and process it. The input sources can be printed, handwritten, or web forms, emails, scanned images, etc.

We provide data entry and data processing services for both printed and electronic data:

Electronic Data- We use our customised software and various other conversion tools for converting electronic or digital data present in various formats like .xlsx, .docx, .pdf etc.

Printed Data- We use our state-of-the-art and advanced scanning facilities for converting data present in printed format. We scan images and documents to convert them into a digital format. Our team is highly skilled and experienced and provides proficient and accurate manual data entry while proofing and editing to ensure that only accurate data is entered.

Data Processing Services We Offer:

  • Both offline and online order and data entry
  • Data conversion
  • Data digitisation
  • E-cataloguing
  • Claim processing
  • Form processing
  • Rebate processing

We offer our expertise in data entry and data processing services for almost all types of data such as:

  • Bills and receipts
  • Medical forms
  • Survey forms
  • Tax forms
  • Insurance forms
  • Legal documents
  • Yellow or white page forms
  • Business cards

We ensure the delivery of high-quality results no matter how small the time frame is. We aim for complete client satisfaction and provide customer support and a dedicated helpline to guide and assist our clients in the best possible way.

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